The Royal British Legion was formed in 1921 to assist with the welfare of serving and ex service personnel of all branches of the services and their dependents. Most of the people requiring assistance were young people in their twenties and thirties who are today’s pensioners and once again require our assistance. They need help with pension rights, help to retain an active life in their own homes and assistance with many other welfare matters.

It’s a big misconception that you have to be a member of the Royal British Legion to benefit from their services, all you need to be, is currently serving, ex service or a dependent of someone who is. All we ask is that you let us know about you, we cannot help unless we know who you are.

Unfortunately we are now back to the same problem with our service personnel being maimed and some paying the ultimate sacrifice. Another misunderstanding is that the Royal British Legion only supports the elderly, but with today’s conflicts we have many young wives and families whose breadwinner is either not going to return to his/her normal job or, in the worst case, not return at all.

We need your help to make sure we are there for all the people, young and elderly so that they feel they are not alone and forgotten.

As a charity and one of the UK’s largest membership organisations and recognised as custodians of Remembrance we rely on public and commercial support to raise the many millions we require to deliver our services. One way we do this is with the annual Poppy Appeal.

John Parry laying a wreath on Anzac Day


Chairman: John Parry

Secretary: Derek Loft

Treasurer: John Parry

Membership Secretary: Peter Scarlett

Welfare Office: Robin Kellow

Standard Bearer: Robert Moyle

Chairman’s Newsletter

What do we do?

We provide welfare services, campaign on a range of issues affecting Service people, are custodians of Remembrance, raise funds through the annual Poppy Appeal and we are a membership organisation.

Who do we help?

We help ex-Service personnel and their families. Not only those who fought in the two World Wars but those involved in the many conflicts since 1945 and those still fighting today.
Visit the Royal British Legion website for more details.

The Poppy Appeal

The Poppy Appeal has raised £26,766.64
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